4 December 2013
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Your 2012 Tax Preparation Checklist

What you will need to File your 2012 Tax Return:

Having the right information at hand is half the battle when doing your taxes. At My Accounting Partner, LLC we’re here to take the hassle out of figuring out what you need. Please, answer the questions below, and we’ll advise you which documents you will need based on your unique tax situation.

Let’s face it, tax season is never a fun time especially when you are not ready. A constantly changing tax code doesn’t make it any easier. Our goal is to save you time and the headache of searching for everything at the last minute.


Find out which documents you’ll need by answering the following questions: ( YES or NO )


  • Were you married as of Dec. 31, 2012?
  • Did anyone (other than your spouse) live in your home at some point during the year or did you provide support for someone who didn’t live with you?
    • Was this person an ex-spouse?
    • Was this person your parent or some other adult?
    • Was this person your child?
  • Did you or anyone in your family take post-high school classes or make student loan payments this year?
  • Did you receive income this year for work that you did?
    • Did you receive this income as an employee?
    • Did you receive this income as a contractor or from self-employment?
    • Did you drive your vehicle for work-related activities other than commuting to and from your job?
  • Did you receive any other income this year?
    • Did you have any pension, IRA, or social security income, or rollover any amounts from a pension or IRA?
    • Did you have savings or investment income (i.e. capital gains, dividends or interest)?
    • Did you rent property to someone else?
    • Did you drive your vehicle for purposes related to your rental property?
    • Did you have any additional income we haven’t mentioned yet?
  • Are you going to itemize your deductions, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, charitable contributions, medical expenses, etc.? (Hint: If you’re not sure, say Yes)
  • Did you make any contributions to an IRA?


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