Accounting/Bookkeeping – Vital to the Health & Life of Your Business

For many of the business owners that I have talked to, bookkeeping is one of their least favorite parts of being in business. They procrastinate; put it at the bottom of their To-Do list, only to find themselves burning the midnight oil in order to catch up in a crunch! It doesn’t have to be this way!


As a Business Owner, you know that Accounting/Bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks of any business. Without proper bookkeeping, you can find yourself out of business really fast, or in big trouble with the IRS, so it pays to be prepared!

The importance of bookkeeping for any business, small or large, cannot be emphasized enough.  Here are just a few things that good bookkeeping can do for you!


  • Helps monitor the Success of Your Business
  • Makes Financial Planning, Tax Preparation, and Tax Planning Simple
  • Makes it Easier for You to Get Loans from a Bank, or Attract Investors
  • Proper record keeping is required by law.



Good Bookkeeping is often the difference between success and bankruptcy. It can also literally save your business thousands of dollars

“My Accounting Partner, LLC”, the Professional Expert and Partner You Need to Make Your Company More Sustainable


Your business needs smart financial management. You need a partner, who can give you the best advice, attentive support, and information that will save you money, both now and later.

Our goal here at My Accounting Partner is to make handling your personal finances easy. We are here to help small business owners, just like you, save time, money and aggravation so you can focus on what you love and increase your profits.

Why My Accounting Partner?

We have a special relationship with our clients. Your success is vitally important to us, and that is why we work so hard to take care of your financial needs and educate you!

We care about your business, we understand your needs. We take the stress out of financial management for you whether it is tax preparation, bookkeeping, or Daily Money Management.

As an Enrolled Agent, Felix knows all about tax laws and how quickly tax law changes can affect your bottom line.

At My Accounting Partner, we use our expertise to enhance your life. We also provide accurate and worry free tax return preparation, so you can avoid costly mistakes and penalties. If you have questions after your return has been filed, don’t worry, we are here for you. We are accessible all year around. We provide friendly and professional advice at a reasonable and affordable rate while educating you about your tax and financial options. How is that for a great reason to call us?

We are your true “One-Stop-Shop”. Let our Staff, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Accountant with MBA, Enrolled Agent, and Authorized IRS e-file Provider, with more than 25 years of accounting, tax and business consulting experience, give you some peace of mind by assisting you with any Accounting/Bookkeeping or Tax questions you may have. Let us put your mind at ease! Your Money Matters to Us.


My Accounting Partner knows what to do and how to do it with all the latest training, software and tax information. Instead of worrying about whether you’re doing everything right, get an expert financial partner, so you can concentrate on other tasks of managing your business and your home.

Save Money

It’s less expensive to hire My Accounting Partner instead of hiring another employee or depending on a friend or relative. Pay only for the actual time worked without investing in expensive software and continuous upgrades. My Accounting Partner’s services are fully tax deductible.

Focus on What You Do Best

My Accounting Partner is more cost effective than doing the books yourself. Focus on what you do best. Free up your billable hours and increase your sales. Don’t let the books drag you down. Stay ahead of government remittances and keep on top of all those receipts.

Trustworthy, Reliable Guidance

Most entrepreneurs and business owners like you are following their dreams by running their own businesses. However, just having an innovative business idea is not enough to survive in this highly competitive market. Your business needs smart financial management, a partner, who can give you firm support. To help you build a strong, successful venture, My Accounting Partner takes responsibility for performing complex tasks such as recordkeeping, preparation of financial statements, payroll and tax assessments.

 Enjoy Better Cash Management

Manage your cash flow and get a clear view of your financial picture. My Accounting Partner can provide you with an accurate idea of where you are financially, helping you get closer to achieving your financial goals.

My Accounting Partner Makes it Easy

Pick-up and delivery services are available for South Jersey or Philadelphia Metropolitan areas.
We have the technology necessary to get your taxes done even if you live in another state.
A reasonable and affordable price
Satisfaction guarantee
“One-Stop-Shop” saves you time and effort

My Accounting Partner Sums it Up

Save time, energy, and anxiety, worry-free and accurate return preparation, avoidance of costly mistakes and penalties, friendly and professional advice and consultation, reasonable and affordable rates, saving you money while educating you about your tax and finance options.


Your success is our pride!

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Your Money Matters to Us!