Daily Money Management

If time is an issue for you or if your finances drive you crazy, look into our Daily Money Management service. Daily Money Managers (DMMs) do everything from organizing and keeping track of financial papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts. A DMM provides personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty with, or don’t have the time to manage their money. They are experienced professionals who can help you organize and manage your daily bills, budgets and record keeping. How would you like to have a professional to help you manage your day-to-day finances? We can help you organize and track your finances, or just help you get rid of the headache that financial management can bring.


Managing Your Finance Properly Will Help You:

• Know what you want to do with money
• Know where your money goes
• Know how to save money for your goals
• Plan your spending in advance
• Know exactly where you need to put control
• Organize your financial records

Daily Money Managers who are Trusted Professionals provide personal business assistance to clients who have difficulty in managing their personal monetary affairs. The services meet a continuum of needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts.


Personal Daily Money Management

My Accounting Partner, LLC offers Personal Financial Management Services (“Daily Money Management”) to individuals.

Our Clients are:
  • Busy professionals who want to ensure that their bills are taken care of
  • Seniors or disabled individuals who wish to maintain their independence but have difficulty managing their personal bills and finances
  • Frequent travelers
  • Credit-challenged individuals trying to rebuild their credit
  • Anyone who wants greater control over their personal finances, and more peace-of-mind
 Here’s What We Offer:
  • Help create a family budget
  • All mail opened, organized, meticulously stored
  • Bills verified and paid
  • Checkbook balanced
  • Personal important documents organized
  • Home payroll (for maids, nannies, etc) processed
  • Credit Card accounts reconciled
  • Monthly personal financial statements prepared
  • Year-end financial package put together for your tax preparer


Benefits to Our Clients:

✔ Meet your Personal Financial Goals: “Pay yourself first” Financial Management – ensures that your savings and investing goals are met.

✔ Save Money on Late Fees: Late fees are eliminated when your bills are paid on time.

✔ Repair your Credit: You can dramatically improve your credit in as little as six months by simply paying your bills on time. For many people, this is hard to do.  My Accounting Partner’s Personal Daily Money Management service ensures that your bills are paid on time, every time!

✔ Peace-of-Mind: Gain comfort in the security of knowing that no matter what, your finances are taken care of.

✔ No More Paper Bills: Reduce paperwork in your home and save time by using our complimentary mail receiving service.

✔ Easy Access to Important Personal Records: With My Accounting Partner’s Daily Money Management service, you never have to wonder where a certain receipt, bill, or record is. We’ll methodically organize and store these items in your Document Library so that you will always have access to them, no matter where you are.

✔ Budget More Effectively: My Accounting Partner’s Daily Money Management clients find it much easier to create and manage a budget when their finances are under control.

✔ Save Time: You’ll have more time to do what you want to do when My Accounting Partner takes care of the chores of opening and processing mail, verifying the accuracy of bills, writing checks to pay bills, and balancing your checkbook.

✔ Greater Clarity and Control: Understand where your money is going, and where you stand financially, with monthly personal financial statements provided by My Accounting Partner Daily Money Management.


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