4 December 2013
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Launching my new business, MAP

Hello Dear Friends,

I am excited to announce to you that my company, Sitou Financial Services, is going through a major expansion.

Sitou (C2) Financial Services is now My Accounting Partner, LLC. Other than Tax Preparation services, we have more services to help Individuals, Small Business owners, and Non-Profit organizations, regardless of the state you live in.


  • Do you have a hard time putting together your tax information when it comes time to file your tax return?
  • As a Small Business owner, do you get frustrated spending most of your time trying to handle paperwork instead of focusing on what you do best, your business operation?
  • Do you have any tax problems with the IRS?
  • Do you need help becoming debt free and financially independent?


My Accounting Partner will work with you, both Small Businesses and families, teaching you about finances, really showing you how to make, save and accumulate more money. My Accounting Partner can provide you with an accurate idea of where you are financially, helping you get closer to achieving your financial goals.


My Accounting Partner is your “One-Stop-Shop” for Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll, Tax Preparation, and Personal Finance needs.


Please think about some people you know who can benefit from our services. We love referrals!


PS: Your Money Matters to Us! Don’t miss your chance to put yourself in a better position with your cash flow, tax and other money issues. Call me now for your free consultation at (856) 677-8052.



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